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  • RM475 / RM475LY

    The devices of the RM475 series in conjunction with a terminating device are designed to monitor a closed and voltage-free loop for interruption (series resistance) and for short-circuit (cross resistance). The RM475 version has a continuously set response value for series and cross resistance. The response time is max. 1 s.

    The response value for the series resistance of device version RM475LY can be adjusted between 50…500 ?. The response value for the cross resistance for this version, however, is continuously set, too. The response time can be set between 1…10 s.

Type Supply voltage US Art. No.
RM475 AC 50…60 Hz 230 V B97022001
RM475-13 AC 50…60 Hz 90…132 V B97022002
RM475-15 AC 50…60 Hz 400 V B97022003
RM475-16 AC 50…60 Hz 500 V B97022004
RM475-21 DC 9,8…84 V B97022005
RM475-23 DC 77…286 V B97022006
RM475LY AC 50…60 Hz 230 V B97022007
RM475LY-13 AC 50…60 Hz 90…132 V B97022008
RM475LY-15 AC 50…60 Hz 400 V B97022009
RM475LY-16 AC 50…60 Hz 500 V B97022010
RM475LY-21 DC 9,8…84 V B97022011
RM475LY-23 DC 77…286 V B97022012
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